In integrated power electronic systems The separation of the original device was standardized modulesthat the integrated power electronics module (IPEM) to replace Shenzhen BYD Microelectronics Co., Ltd. to respond to national energy policy developed a variable frequency drive intelligent power module (IPM) and power electronic equipment used to improve the power factor of PFC intelligent power module (IPF). IPM combines with IPF modules optimized circuit protection and drive functions. Which, IPM and MOSFET or IGBT with low loss to match the optimum combination of block circuit protection and drive functions. IPF low loss and high-frequency insulated gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) to match the internal integrated undervoltage lockout and overcurrent protection.



Type Feature Package Figure Application Spec. Download
IPM 0105 BIP60002H 2A/600V BIP26-3216 BIP26-3216 1:Frequency-alterable home appliances
2:Fan motor
BIP60005H 5A/600V  
0615G BIP60010G 10A/600V BIP26-3823 Frequency-alterable home appliances like air conditioner , icebox, washing machine Coming soon
BIP60015G 15A/600V Coming soon
1530 BIP60015 15A/600V BIP27-4426 Frequency-alterable Air-conditioner Frequency converter Industrial sewing machine Stepping motor Coming soon
BIP60020 20A/600V Coming soon
BIP60030 30A/600V Coming soon
3050 BIP120030 35A/1200V BIP27-4426 air conditioner in EV and AC400V class motor control 2015 Q2
BIP120050 50A/1200V
IPF 1530 BIPF60030 30A/600V BIP27-4426 Frequency-alterable home appliances and industrial high-powered power Coming soon




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