BYD Energy Storage Solutions

Relying on the advanced Fe battery technology, BYD can provide large-scale energy storage, distributed energy storage and micro-grid, which forms a complete set and series of energy storage system solutions. For example, the Indoor solution(figure 1) /outdoor solution (figure 2)with on-grid and off-grid function, which can achieve peak shaving & load leveling, smooth the wind/solar output and regulate the frequency etc.

BYD ESS technology offers a modular, flexible design and can be easily tailored to meet a diverse set of customer needs. Up to now, BYD has a lot of successful cases of battery storage solutions from KW sized to MW sized system at home and abroad.

ESS Application Fields

Wind power plant
Photovoltaic power station
Large-sized load center(factory, commercial center etc)
Emergency power supply occasion
Areas of limited situations of environment and field(airport, isolated island etc)
"Black start" of grid
Grid frequency modulation

Features of BYD ESS

Peak shaving & load leveling
Make compensation for PV/wind generating, and smoothen the power output
Minimize wire loss, increase the lifespan of wires and electric apparatus
Act according to requirement of urban grid alteration, ensure safety of the grid
Optimize the overall arrangement of system, stabilize output of the grid, and ameliorate the energy quality
Use for urgency transient active power response and/or voltage supporting
A Fe BatteryB System ControlC Control CenterD Environment Control UnitE Underground Cable
PCSBattery CabinetControl CabinetAir Conditioner

BYD Modular System Design

Item 50kW/60kWh 250kW/250kWh(20#container) 500kW/500kWh(40#container)
Product ID
Energy Storage Capacity 60kWh 250kWh 250kWh
Nominal Discharge Power 50kW 250kW 500kW
Applications Smooth output/Peak shaving & load leveling/Optimize electricity system/compensate for renewable energy generating
Components Battery Cabinet, Battery Management system, Power Conversion System, Other Auxiliaries
Battery 3 years (more than 80% capacity remain)
PCS 2 years
Note Could be extended according to customer's requirement
Output Voltage 380V/480V 380V/480V 380V/480V
System Efficiency >90% >90% >90%
Permissible Grid Voltage 340V-440V/420V-530V 340V-440V/420V-530V 340V-440V/420V-530V
Nominal Grid Frequency 50Hz/60Hz 50Hz/60Hz 50Hz/60Hz
Frequency Range 49Hz~51Hz/59.3Hz-60.5Hz 49Hz~51Hz/59.3Hz-60.5Hz 49Hz~51Hz/59.3Hz-60.5Hz
Connection Method 3 phase 4 line 3 phase 4 line 3 phase 4 line
THD <5%(Nominal Power) <5%(Nominal Power) <5%(Nominal Power)
Permissible Relative Humidity 5%~95%(No-condensing) 5%~95%(No-condensing) 5%~95%(No-condensing)
Permissible altitude ≤2000m ≤2000m ≤2000m
Exterior Communication Interface Ethernet Ethernet Ethernet
Noise 75 dB(Measured at 1 meter) 75 dB(Measured at 1 meter) 75 dB(Measured at 1 meter)
Response Time <100ms <100ms <100ms
Enclosure Type Indoor/outdoor Indoor/outdoor Indoor/outdoor

Based on the advanced Fe battery technology , intelligent battery management system, reliable power conversion system, BYD could provide integrated containerized solution according to clients' demand. The integration of the cabinets into a containerized enclosure ensures a particularly easy application. It is easy to transport the containers and they can be positioned flexibly. Based on the above configuration, BYD ESS can be scaled to virtually any multi-kW/MW power and energy capacity.

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